Hadrian World Premiere Recording November 24


World Premiere recording to broadcast on CBC Music’s

Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Ben Heppner

Saturday, November 24th 1:00pm EST

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Dear friends and family,

Here’s a little proposal for you. Remember that simpler time when people would gather around the radio on Saturday afternoons and commune with the world from their isolated existences? Well, I DON’T!…… still, we all have the chance to reenact something that actually happened to a few of us (my mom had plenty of seminal childhood experiences in the 50’s with radio, some quite traumatic) this coming Saturday November 24th at 1pm Toronto time on the CBC radio. I have the supreme joy and gratitude to say that Hadrian, my second opera, will be broadcast at that time and on that station. I’m really bad at the technical stuff so I asked my genius husband Jorn to jot down some logistics, here’s what he sent me:

“It will be broadcast (and simultaneously live-streamed) on CBC Music’s Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, November 24 beginning at 1pm in all local time zones.”

“The link to the show is here: https://www.cbcmusic.ca/programs/saturdayafternoonattheopera”

“The link to the on-air presentation is here: https://www.cbcmusic.ca/on-air ”

“Click on the arrow under “On Air” in the upper left corner of the screen to change time zones.”

“So basically the live stream is the second link because it streams whatever is on the radio at that moment. So once the 1PM on the 24th is happening (but so it is 10AM in LA and 6PM for example in the UK) you can listen to it.”

So, since you have a few days before the musical event may I suggest you prepare for a little operatic down time (somewhat of a contradiction in terms) and that on Saturday either alone or with loved ones you stop, tune in, listen to and let your imagination create the images! How novel! Hope you enjoy. Love Rufus.

Photo by Michael Cooper