Exclusive #Quarantunes T-shirt Now Available

For a limited time only until June 7th, you can now get an exclusive #Quarantunes T-shirt! What began as a 2-week series to raise spirits at the beginning of lockdown became the single longest setlist I’ve ever done and I wanted us to have something that commemorates that incredible 60-day journey we all went through together. Thanks to my friend Eric Pullido of Midlake for creating these with us. Since there is no new tour T-Shirt as there is no tour, I thought this would be a nice way to remember that longest tour that we were all together on and didn’t have to travel an inch to see each other. Swipe up on my story to order yours! It was such a pleasure to perform from our home and connect with you each day. We’re not out of the woods yet, but there’s a little sunlight coming through the trees. Please continue to stay safe everyone. And there will be some beautiful new merch coming closer to the release of the album on July 10th. All our love. ❤
Purchase exclusively here: https://www.normanroscoe.com/rufus