Dear Friends and Fans,

Special times need special artistic ideas. They also need leadership and unity but we are far from that here in the US. So we as musicians can give the world our voice, to offer reflection and vision at the same time. I cannot tour my new album “Unfollow the Rules” which is why I have had ample time to reflect. I have said before that I consider “Unfollow the Rules” a bookend to my first album, both were recorded and produced in Los Angeles, in a lot of the same studios, and with a lot of the same session musicians. I consider “Unfollow the Rules” my first album of maturity as a songwriter, following in the footsteps of the greats a lot of them have left us already or will very soon. I consider “Unfollow the Rules” the end of the first chapter of my career as a singer-songwriter. Time to look back to look forward.Over the next few months I am going to perform every single song from my 8 studio albums of original material from the first on “Rufus Wainwright” to the last song on “Unfollow the Rules” from my living room in Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles. I will be accompanied on this journey by the wonderful Brian Green on guitars and Jacob Mann on piano and keyboard. You will hear songs you have not heard live in a long time in new arrangements, songs like “Go or Go Ahead”, “Peach Tree”, “The Dream”, “14th Street” or “OId Whore’s Diet”. In the museum world one would call this a mid-career retrospective and for me it is a way to move forward, to bundle up the past and start a new journey.

We are going to do a show every Friday for the next while. You can buy individual tickets, monthly bundles that let you in on intimate fireside chats with yours truly and maybe some other surprises thrown in here or there. You can also vote for cover songs from a list of around 100 songs that I have covered in the past or want to cover in the future that I will sprinkle over the offerings throughout the “Rufus-Retro-Wainwright-Spective” as I decided to title these shows. I promise by the end of the run you will be able to make sense out of our subtitle “9 Albums in 18 Shows:  Rufus Wainwright and Lulu want one to release the stars and two to unfollow the rules because Shakespeare poses to be out of the game.”

Join me on my trip into the past and on this virtual world tour of my entire studio album catalogue.


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