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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I meet Rufus?
    As you can imagine, Rufus has a very busy schedule. Although he would love to meet with everyone individually, that is just not possible. We hope you understand.
  2. Is Rufus coming to my town?
    All of Rufus’s confirmed dates are posted on the Tour page. If you haven’t already, you may also want to sign up to the mailing list as most dates and all RufusWainwright.com presale information will be announced through the newsletter. If you have heard about a date that does not appear in the Tour page, please email us at help@RufusWainwright.com to see if that date is confirmed.
  3. Can I send Rufus a gift or letter in the mail?
    While the kindness and thoughtfulness of those sending gifts are very much appreciated, we here at RufusWainwright.com are unable to pass along any letters or gifts mailed to us.
  4. I have written a song for Rufus. How do I send it to him?
    We are so glad to hear that Rufus has inspired you to write your own songs; please keep up the hard work. However, due to the demands on Rufus’s schedule, and the volume of inquiries we receive, we regret that we are unable to accept musical submissions.
  5. Can Rufus play my private function?
    Although Rufus is flattered by requests from the community to play private functions, unfortunately due to the extremely hectic nature of his touring and recording schedule, Rufus is unable to be booked for private performances.
  6. Can Rufus dedicate a song or deliver a personal message at a concert?
    As you can imagine each performance that Rufus gives is an extremely busy, complicated and unpredictable affair. Because of this, we are simply unable to arrange for song dedications or “shout outs” during a show. We hope that you understand.
  7. Can I request an autograph through RufusWainwright.com?
    Although this is a service that we would love to be able to offer the community in the future, at this time we are unable to provide autographed pictures, merchandise or arrange to have an item signed by Rufus. Please be sure to join the RufusWainwright.com mailing list because if this policy changes, we will be sure to make an announcement via our newsletter.

Site Questions

  1. Why are Flash and JavaScript required for this site?
    Users will need to have Flash and JavaScript enabled on their computer to enjoy the enriched content on RufusWainwright.com to the fullest. Flash and JavaScript can be found in our interactive photo galleries, video and audio players and the RufusWainwright.com Store. You can download the latest Flash player here and find out how to enable Javascript in your browser here.
  2. How do I get technical support for the site?
    Having trouble with the site? Then email us at help@RufusWainwright.com and let us know, in as much detail as possible, what you are experiencing. If you are getting a specific error message, please be sure to make note of it in your email or even better, include a screenshot of it. Please also let us know what browser and operating system you are using. The more detail you provide us, the quicker we’ll be able to determine what is causing you trouble.

    Prior to emailing help@RufusWainwright.com, please try the following:

    • Update your computer by downloading its latest operating system updates;
    • Update your browser to its most recent release. Please note: Internet Explorer and Firefox are the preferred browsers for visiting RufusWainwright.com and shopping in our Store;
    • Clear your computer’s cache/browsing history;
    • Reboot your computer.
  3. Where should I send my feedback or comments about the site?
    We love to hear your feedback and ideas for the site. Just send us an email at help@RufusWainwright.com with anything you’d like to share.

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